Tyler Perry fights back tears on ‘The View’ discussing mother


Tyler Perry fights back tears on ‘The View’ discussing mother 

In the latest The View episode, Tyler Perry was left with few words as he choked remembering his late mother, Willie Maxine Perry.

Promoting his new documentary, Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story, the Sistas star went through a flurry of emotions when one of the hosts, Sara Haines heaped praise on the acclaimed director, calling him “amazing,” and shared she got familiar with his mother through the film.

“OK, wait a minute. … You met my mother through [the doc]? Wow,” the 54-year-old said while trying to remain composed. “Thank you.”

Almost bursting into tears, he continued, “To say that you met her through that, that takes me somewhere because she — this woman endured so much pain and she didn’t have some legacy, but she had me.”

Adding, “To say that I was able to introduce her to you — you got me there, man. I’m sorry. … Lord, have mercy.”

Meanwhile, the netizens had a heart melt over the heartfelt clip calling it “beautiful and powerful.”

“Sara said what Tyler needed to hear. That was a beautiful moment,” one viewer commented.

Another wrote, “Most beautiful moment. Sara always has the right words to express the exact thought.”

“I didn’t expect to turn on #TheView for a hot minute and be turned into a puddle of tears. Tyler Perry is that guy,” a third raved.

Tyler named the documentary over his mother, who suffered severe domestic abuse and died fighting a long illness in 2009.


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