PCB appoints Tauseef Ahmad as interim chief selector – SUCH TV


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Tuesday appointed former Test cricketer Tauseef Ahmed as the interim chief selector.

Additionally, another former Test cricketer, Wajahatullah Wasti, had been entrusted with the role of heading the junior selection committee.

The primary task assigned to the selection committee, under the stewardship of Tauseef Ahmed, is the selection of the national team for the highly anticipated upcoming tour of Australia. The tour follows the culmination of the World Cup, making it an essential and challenging assignment for the newly formed committee.

Tauseef Ahmed, with his vast experience and insights into the game, is expected to play a pivotal role in shaping Pakistan’s cricketing future. His interim appointment is indicative of the PCB’s intention to harness the expertise of former cricketers in pivotal roles within the organisation.

Wajahatullah Wasti’s appointment to lead the junior selection committee also demonstrates the PCB’s commitment to nurturing and developing young talent. His role in this capacity is expected to facilitate the identification and grooming of promising young cricketers.


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