Protest held against King Charles outside UK parliament


Several dozen protestors outside parliament chanted “Not my king” and “What a waste of money,” as Charles addressed lawmakers in the diamond-studded Imperial State Crown, a long crimson robe and Royal Navy uniform.

“It is mindful of the legacy of service and devotion to this country set by my beloved mother, the late Queen, that I deliver this, the first King´s Speech in over 70 years,” said Charles, beginning the speech at the formal opening of the UK parliament.

The ceremonial address was Charles´s first as head of state, although he had a dry run deputising for his mother Queen Elizabeth II in May last year.

The King´s Speech signifies the start of a new parliamentary year and was last delivered by a male monarch in 1951 — although not in person as Charles´s grandfather, King George VI, was unwell.

Tuesday´s state opening saw the sovereign travelling to the Houses of Parliament by carriage from Buckingham Palace.

Some 1,400 members of the armed forces, 124 horses and marching bands took part in the proceedings, which included a 41-gun salute.

Princess Anne, Charles´s sister, rode in the procession, performing the ceremonial role of the King´s “protector”, formally known as Gold Stick in Waiting.

As is tradition, an MP was ceremonially held “hostage” to ensure the king´s safe return.

Royal bodyguards ritually searched the basement of the Palace of Westminster for explosives — a legacy of the failed attempt by Catholics to blow up parliament in 1605.


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