Princess Charlene’s love for Prince Albert’s money exposed: ‘He’s a weak man’


Princess Charlene’s love for Prince Albert’s money exposed: ‘He’s a weak man’

Prince Albert of Monaco has just found himself on the receiving end of some hate.

Accusations have been following Prince Albert for the past week now, and they accuse him of being a ‘weak’ leader who uses his riches and wealth to ‘buy’ family peace from his partner and the mother of his children.

All of this has come out in response to the exposed dossier which referenced Claude Palmero’s “secret notebooks”, for those unversed they are filled with financial data of the prince’s daily affairs.

A few payments that sparked the attention of journalists around the world were those made to Princess Charlene and the twins.

One of the biggest pointers include £600,000 baptisms for the newborn heir and spare, as well as over £1 million allowances per year.

According to a report by Tatler, journalists admit that Princess Charlene has a “very crazy desire to spend money” and is serves a major purpose.

An investigative reporter at Le Monde, Gérard Davet, was even quoted saying, “Prince Albert says yes to everything. Charlene is very lonely in he palace; so her best friend is possibly the Prince’s money.”

In regards to those maintaining his accounts the reporter admits the only person to ever refuse the Princess has been Mr Palmero, who was recently ousted and accused of corruption.

The reporter even referenced the treatment he received after the fact, amid the lawsuits, and said, “Albert is a weak person… I think his heart is in the right place, but he avoids confrontation.”


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