Powerful scenes enchant Matthew Perry’s funeral ceremony


Powerful scenes enchant Matthew Perry’s funeral ceremony

Matthew Perry’s funeral ceremony has some powerful scenes in the air of sorrow, as his co-star Hank Azaria explained.

In line with his hilarious humour, the 59-year-old described his last rites ceremony as a mixture of laughing and crying.

“I was at the funeral last weekend. You know, sad. He was a hilarious man, so we would sort of [be] alternately laughing and crying remembering him,” he told The Messenger.

He continued, “We’ve all had people we’ve lost. The world really lost him. In a way, it’s nice to have the world sort of sharing with you.”

Not to mention, Matthew helped Hank to find his way to sobriety after fighting his demons.

To continue his late friend’s vision to continue spreading awareness about addiction, he said, “Whatever I can do to continue his mission of spreading the word of recovery and helping folks, I’ll do whatever I can.”


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