Meghan Markle is considering a stint on ‘Real Housewives’?


Meghan Markle is considering a stint on ‘Real Housewives’?

Experts have started to wonder whether the chances of the Duchess of Sussex entering Real Housewives is real.

All of this has been referenced by celebrity expert Mayah Riaz.

She weighed in on everything during a candid chat with The Mirror.

During the course of that chat, Ms Riaz said, that while “the likelihood of Meghan appearing on a Real Housewives show as a cast member [is] unlikely.”

This comes despite her having “expressed interest in the past.”

The only reason the celebrity expert feels it an impossibility is due to “her remark about no longer craving other people’s drama”, for it “suggests that she may not consider it a priority.”

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However she stands firm on the idea that even though the Duchess’ “current status and commitments,” make the chances low, a special one-time only appearance might be in the cards at some point.

This comes because “Meghan has high profile celebrity friends. If one of them were cast members, it’s possible she may make a one-off guest appearance. But it’d likely be drama free and perhaps a scene where she is catching up with the cast member over lunch.”

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However, before signing off the same expert also highlighted the potential negatives of this decision and admitted, “On one hand, it could make her appear more relatable and approachable to a wider audience, humanizing her public image.”

“However, it may also be perceived as a departure from her previous roles and responsibilities, potentially diminishing her credibility and the perception of her elite status. Ultimately, it would depend on how she navigates the platform and the narrative she chooses to present.”


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