King Charles demand for Kate Middleton ‘name change’ left William ‘blank’


King Charles demand for Kate Middleton ‘name change’ left William ‘blank’

Kate Middleton was allegedly asked to change her name in order to appease King Charles and Camilla.

The Princess of Wales, who goes by Katherine, was deliberately asked to change her initials from C so that the King and the Queen do not lose limelight.

The details of the changes have been revealed by Prince Harry in his memoir ‘Spare.’

He wrote: “There were already two royal cyphers with a C and a crown above: Charles and Camilla. It would be too confusing to have another.

Harry continued: “Make it Katherine with a K, they suggested. I wondered now what came of that suggestion.”

He claimed: “I turned to Willy, gave him a look that said ‘You listening to this?’ His face was blank.”

Harry then admits that William’s silence was bought by the money King Charles gave him for his monthly usage.

“That was his job. That was the whole deal. We agreed to serve the monarch, go wherever we were sent, do whatever we were told,” he wrote. “In exchange the keepers of the cage agreed to feed and clothe us,” Harry wrote.


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