John Wick’s next thrilling chapter revealed by Director Chad Stahelski


John Wick’s next thrilling chapter revealed by Director Chad Stahelski

John Wick, a character made famous by actor Keanu Reeves’ iconic performance, is reportedly planning for a return, but this time in an epic anime form. 

The franchise is reportedly expanding its horizons with an exciting John Wick anime series.

John Wick franchise announces John Wick anime series

According to Hindustan Times, director Chad Stahelski appeared in an interview with The Discourse podcast and revealed that the fan favourite assassins’ anime series is being developed in collaboration with talent from Japan.

John Wick Universe collaborates with Japanese cinema

Chad also hailed Japanese anime cinema highlighting its unique storytelling. He said, “I am really looking forward to our collaboration because I love Japanese so much.” He added that the anime series would be able to create all the epic stories that can be produced better in anime.

The director promised an unforgettable experience for the franchise’s fans while keeping his focus on combining compelling world-building and actions. 

He said, “I do appreciate the slow burnout, but after six episodes, I really like something to happen in my TV shows,” adding that they would try to bring that to TV.

The director has not yet revealed the studio to whom they would be entrusting the iconic assassins’ legacy.

The John Wick Universe has already ventured into television with the release of The Continental.


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