‘John Wick’ director Chad Stahelski teases big possibilities in new series


‘John Wick’ director Chad Stahelski teases big possibilities in new series

A new John Wick TV series is in the works, and the director-cum-stuntman Chad Stahelski hinted that the new characters in Chapter 4 could return.

In a chat with The Discourse Podcast, the filmmaker said, “I love Donnie [Yen], I love Rina [Sawayama], love the Tracker (Shamier Anderson), and the TV show and the ancillaries will give us a chance to expand the kind of fun world we’ve created, and it doesn’t have to be John Wick, the character specific, you know what I mean so that we can explore all that stuff.”

He continued, “And I think TV is a better format for that, I think because people can jump into the backgrounds, you don’t have to spend so much time with the first act set up and all that.”

Depicting the High Table, the 55-year-old shared he previously tried to avoid the complete portrayal of the High Table because of fears of running into satirical stereotypes.

“Austin Powers mocked it so well,” he continued. “An actual table with the stereotypes tropes of evil from different ethnicities from all over the world.”

Noting, We’re never going to show the whole High Table; we’ll show the representatives, but we’ll always keep some of that [mystery]. And now that we’ve got… Lionsgate is having us develop the John Wick TV show, so we thought we could explore The High Table in that a little bit.”


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