Irina Shayk avoids question on Tom Brady in new interview


Irina Shayk avoids question on Tom Brady in new interview

Following Tom Bradly brief romantic, Irina Shayk is dodging questions over them in a new interview.

In a chat with ELLE, the supermodel evaded the interviewer’s question about the NFL star by adding, “No comments.”

“I share my work stuff because I decided to keep my personal life personal,” the 37-year-old responded.

“That’s why it’s called personal,” she noted.

“Because it’s something that belongs to me. If one day I feel like I want to share it, I will.”

Meanwhile, the relationship status of the duo is reported to be over.

As insiders shared last month, their three months-long relationship “fizzled out.”

In July, the dating speculations were kicked off after Tom was spotted with Irina flirtatiously close in a car in Los Angeles. Later, the pair were frequently seen together in different places.

Elsewhere in the interview, the mother-of-one sang high praise of her ex-Bradley Cooper’s parenting.

“He’s the best father Lea and I could dream of. It always works, but it always works because we make it work.”


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