How India can chart strategies to combat deepfake video challenges?


AI is on boom! Artificial intelligence tools have become more accessible these days with deepfake technology becoming a rising threat in audio, video, and photo format. The recent incident of a deepfake video involving popular actor Rashmika Mandanna has shocked viewers. 

It has not only stirred the Bollywood industry but also the government to take strict action against this growing menace. The Delhi Police has also registered an FIR in connection with the deepfake video of Rashmika Mandana. 

What are deepfakes?

“Deepfakes are trained with many pictures and videos to learn facial features. This program, a neural network, has two functions: creating face-swapped videos and detecting such modifications,” Dr. Sunil K Shekhawat, CEO, SanchiConnect- a company that works with many startups in the deep tech sector had earlier told LiveMint.

He said, “Known as Generative Adversarial Networks, or GANs, these networks improve through a tug-of-war where one party tries to fool the other. As the system gets better, it becomes more challenging to discern if a video is genuine or altered by this intelligent software.”

How to spot deepfakes? 

Experts suggested that deepfakes can be spotted through unnatural eye movements and facial expressions, inconsistencies in physical appearance, and audiovisual discrepancies.  

How India Inc can tackle the deepfake threat issue? 

Detection, forensic algorithms, audit processes, and the talent needed to mitigate this risk are some of the areas that need to be strengthened, Pradeep Yadlapati, Senior Vice President, India Country Head & APAC SBU Head for Innova Solutions told LiveMint. 

According to Yadlapati, the implementation of stricter verification processes such as multi-factor authentication, zero-trust, and investing in tools to identify deepfakes, organizations can minimize the risk to legitimate network users. In addition, stricter guidelines towards the use of AI (Gen AI), and AI-generated watermark guidelines can enhance content authenticity.

However, Vishal Prakash Shah, Founder of Synersoft Technologies recommended that people should prioritize the use of human-generated content over Artificial Intelligence. 

He said that India Inc. understands the urgency of the issue and is investing in cutting-edge technologies to detect and combat deepfakes. 

Arindam Das Sarkar, Managing Director of Mirasys (India) stated that there are different ways to fight deepfake in India including legal action where India needs to have stringent laws and regulations to deal with deepfake cybercrime and protect the rights and interests of the victims. 

“Some of the existing laws that can be applied are the IT Act, the Copyright Act, and the Data Protection Act 23. Recently, Aadhar saw its biggest data breach in history and 81.5 crore people’s data were available online for anyone because ICMR was storing them through COVID-19, this type of practice must be stopped and penalized.”

Apart from this, India can also use various technologies to detect, verify, and counter deepfake content, such as blockchain, digital watermarking, biometric authentication, and artificial intelligence, he added. 

“AI-based tools can analyze the consistency, quality, and authenticity of the video and image. Digital watermarking can be a great way to keep your real images secure, especially in the media. Blockchain technology, where data once recorded cannot be altered, seems to be the future for overcoming this menace,” said Karunya Sampath, CEO of Payoda Technologies.

He said that it offers a permanent and lasting reference point for verification, where the creation and distribution of deepfakes are discouraged and also can be traced back to the culprit, thereby creating fear amongst criminals about getting caught. 

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Updated: 11 Nov 2023, 12:16 PM IST


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