Harry Styles creates a buzz online after shaving his head: ‘It’s hurting me emotionally’


Harry Styles created a buzz on internet after debuting a new look during his latest outing with girlfriend Taylor Russell in Las Vegas, Nevada over the weekend.

In a video shared by TMZ, the As It Was hitmaker could be seen with a shaved head at U2’s Las Vegas Sphere concert with Russell.

Styles and Russell were immersed in a musical jam session, grooving to the iconic hits of U2 with the singer affectionately wrapping his arm around the actor.

The internet, however, quickly shifted its focus from their musical rendezvous to breaking news about Styles’ revamped appearance.

Candid images of the singer’s buzzcut surfaced on the publication, fans rushed to X (formerly Twitter) to react with one commenting, “Now he’s just styles.”

“To everyone posting the pic Harry Styles with his shaved head, please stop it’s hurting me emotionally, mentally and physically,” another tweeted.

Other fans of Styles said they never thought they would “see the headline ‘Harry Styles has shaved his head.’’”


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