Zendaya starrer ‘Euphoria’ navigates uncertainty amid creative disputes


Zendaya starrer ‘Euphoria’ navigates uncertainty amid creative disputes

Zendaya led drama, Euphoria’s future is surrounded by doubts and unpredictability as its writer tackles creative challenges.

After HBO’s popular show delaye­d its third season following much anticipation, disagreements had arisen about season 3’s cre­ative direction. The prominent challenge being aligning the vision of creator with those of HBO execs and the cast.

A source close to the team has now spilled the beans to Variety that the network and creator Sam Levinson are tackling creative difference on the show’s narrative arcs leading to multiple re-writes and revisions.

Levinson have been facing challenges to align his vision with the HBO executives and the cast.

Although the initial script was praised by the network, it fell short to gain the cast’s approval. 

Later the revised script, in late 2023 or early 2024, failed to impress the network executives leading to Levinson potentially stepping down from the show, although the idea was later discarded.

The Ame­rican filmmaker is now facing issues with the creative­ visionaries and scheduling conflicts making things more complicated.

However, the whole cast of Euphoria including Zendaya, Sydney Swe­eney and Jacob Elordi want to see the through to the end.

An HBO’s spokesperson stated, “In the interim, we are allowing our in-demand cast to pursue other opportunities.”


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