Travis Kelce ‘insecure’ of Taylor Swift A-list past lovers amid budding romance


Travis Kelce ‘insecure’ of Taylor Swift A-list past lovers amid budding romance

Travis Kelce is reportedly feeling threatened by his lover Taylor Swift’s past romances which includes the likes of Harry Styles, Joe Alwyn, Conor Kennedy, and more.

Recently, the Anti-Hero hitmaker unearthed vault tracks from her reimagined album 1989 (Taylor’s Version). In one song of the album, Swift can be heard branding an ex as a “lying traitor.”

Fans of the singer are not sure about the identity of her former lover as Swift was linked to multiple A-listers before 1989 debuted on October 27, 2014.

Many fans speculated that much of the original album was inspired by her relationship with the One Direction heartthrob, leading them to speculate that some of the newly revealed vault tracks could be about him.

Speaking about what Kelce might be feeling about it all, senior therapist and relationship expert Sally Baker told The Mirror, “Kelce may understandably feel uneasy, threatened, or insecure if Swift frequently dwells on past loves.”

“He may feel like Swift is emotionally checked out or not fully invested in her relationship with him as dwelling on the past could signify she is not being fully present with him,” she added.

The expert continued: “However, this situation is also a test of maturity and trust where Kelce gets to show he is not inclined to feel he has to measure up to an ex!”

“Ideally both Swift and Kelce should feel their relationship is the priority. Mutual understanding, while not dwelling on the past, can help fortify and secure their growing bond.”


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