Tish Cyrus reveals ‘issues’ with Dominic Purcell


Tish Cyrus reveals ‘issues’ with Dominic Purcell 

Tish Cyrus opened up about her marriage to Dominic Purcell amid claims that she stole her daughter Noah’s ex.

After the pair tied the knot in August 2023, reports circulated that the 56-year-old mom linked up with the actor who was previously dating her 24-year-old daughter.

“Noah and Dominic were seeing each other in a friends-with-benefits way, off and on. They stopped seeing each other and then Tish started something up,” an insider told PEOPLE in March.

Now, in a recent episode of her other daughter Brandi Cyrus’ podcast Sorry We’re Stoned, Tish revealed that her marriage with Dominic definitely has its issues.

“I was so scared when I first met Dom, my husband. I am a Taurus and he is an Aquarius, and every single thing I read said, ‘Don’t even do it. It is the absolute worst pairing,’” the momager who previously worked for Miley Cyrus stated.

She then talked about how she is “easily offended” and “takes things so personally” whereas Dominic is “blunt” and “not emotional.”

“And that could be a problem. But you know what, this is where I’ve grown, is like, I just feel like instead of me getting so offended, because I respect and love him, that we have conversations,” Tish explained.

She concluded, “These are definitely issues. But issues also, because I love him, that I’m dealing with.”


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