Royal family desperate for attention after Harry, Meghan exit?


Royal family desperate for attention after Harry, Meghan exit?

Royal family has faced a sustained decline in public opinion, which some experts believe is linked to the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from their official royal duties.

Market research firm Ipsos reported a subtle yet notable drop in the monarchy’s overall popularity between March 2018 and March 2023.

Royal commentators Richard Fitzwilliams suggested a correlation between the declining approval rating of the royal family and the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan.

He told Daily Star, “The royal family is popular with support at around two-thirds of the population… However, it used to be over 70% before the Sussexes stepped down as senior working royals.”

Fitzwilliams also highlighted the exiled couple’s popularity among young people noting how their Netflix series, Harry & Meghan, brought them into the spotlight on a platform familiar to many youngsters, while their philanthropic work resonated with compassionate Gen Z individuals.

He said, “The problem [for the royal family] is a lack of support among the 18-24 age group.”

Agreeing, reputation management expert Eric Schiffer shared how the royal family can reverse the negative impact of Harry and Meghan’s exit from the Royal family.

He emphasized the importance of Prince William and Kate Middleton in maintaining the monarchy’s appeal, saying, “William and Kate have a good initial foundation to keep the royal family going, but it requires their focus on issues that matter to young people.”

To this, Fitzwilliams said, “William and Catherine are extremely popular” adding that “they and their children are the future of the monarchy,” referring to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. 


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