Prince Harry’s friend list is ‘predominantly’ out in the cold: report


Prince Harry’s friend list is ‘predominantly’ out in the cold: report

Prince Harry’s list of friends have just been referenced by experts who believe there are not many left to lend the Duke an ear in the US.

Claims about this have been shared by royal commentator and expert Phil Dampier.

He broke all of this down in one of his most recent interviews with Fabulous.

In the middle of that chat he refenced Prince Harry’s bid to remove old pals and highlighted his failed bond with Tom Skippy Inskip from Eton who had issues with Meghan Markle prior to the Duke’s marriage.

Referencing it all Mr Dampier said, “Tom is apparently out in the cold because he wasn’t sure about Meghan.”

“James Corden became a ‘mate’ in California, but he has now moved back to London.”

“And while Elton John is always there for him, he mainly lives in Europe.”

There is only one person, Guy Pelly who lives in the States “as his wife is American, and he visits him,” Mr Dampier also added.

“But others he used to play polo with in England no longer communicate with him.”

On the flip side “Of course other relationships have flourished, for example with polo pal Nacho Figueras, who recently accompanied him on a trip to Asia.”

Before signing off the expert also refernced a few more pals who still are in contact with the Duke.

According to the expert, “Mark Dyer, a royal aide, still talks to Harry on the phone frequently and he was always a kind of big brother figure or a second dad.”

“He is thought to be one of Archie’s godparents and Harry was very concerned recently when Mark fought a cancer battle.”

“Of course his best friend, the one person who could really understand him and what he has been through, was his brother William.”

But “Prince William made the fatal mistake of querying whether Meghan was a suitable bride, and if he was rushing into marriage. Their falling out is, quite simply, a Greek tragedy,” Mr Dampier also said before signing off. 


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