Prince Harry thinks King Charles ‘never wanted’ him financially stable


Prince Harry thinks King Charles ‘never wanted’ him financially stable

Experts warn Prince Harry will never step forward to bash Megxit as a bad decision, because it might ruin reputations.

PR expert and Crisis Communications Advisor Andy Barr issued these claims.

He broke everything down during one of his candid interviews with The Mirror.

There he began by clearing the air and admitted there is absolutely no way Prince Harry would ever step forward to address Megxit regrets because then “all parties will know that better communication would have made the move less controversial and removed the tinge of sadness that many across the globe now feel”.

After all, “Airing your family grievances via a globally best-selling book and ground-breaking documentary was never going to resonate well with the Royal Family let alone their team of advisors.”

Mr Barr also admitted, “The real power play here was between the armies of communications and brand advisors that both sides employ. If the Royal Family and Harry had been more stern in their ruling that neither side should brief negative messages about each other to the press then much of the discussion could have been done behind closed doors, directly and with more dignity.”

He also shifted the blame off of Prince Harry in the later part of the interview as well and brought the Firm into it too, because they “are clearly not blameless in this either and possibly took the mantra of ‘never complain, never explain’ too far.”

“Whilst they garnered worldwide respect for not responding to every new sordid revelation, they could have better handled some of the more inflammatory elements such as the accusations of a physical altercation between Harry and William.”

At the end of the day Mr Barr believes, Prince Harry should have been given “a clear steer on the commercial aspects of the split, such as the titles and brand that he could and couldn’t use once he had left the family” but instead “it felt like he was sometimes being blocked from developing potential avenues to earn a living on an ad-hoc basis, which again comes down to better communication from both parties from the outset”.


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