Prince Harry ‘regrets’ telling on Royal Family after ‘horrible’ treatment’


Prince Harry ‘regrets’ telling on Royal Family after ‘horrible’ treatment’

Prince Harry is upset over losing his future in the Royal Family after putting a bad name to his father.

The Duke of Sussex realises he went far on in his ways and became hurt his blood.

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Speaking exclusively to Daily Express US, Tom Quinn, author of Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family tells Daily Express US: “Someone who worked for Harry when they were at Frogmore in Windsor said to me: ‘What are they going to do when people lose interest in all the complaining? What happens when the complaining has to stop? What positive role can he have as a royal?'”

“Harry’s made it very clear he feels horribly, badly treated. And I think he’s already beginning to regret it because he understands the value of being a member of the Royal Family.”

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“All Harry’s complaining is really about the fact that he’s not number one, he doesn’t have a bigger role,” Quinn claimed.

Prince Harry left the Royal Family back in 2020 over issues racism against wife Meghan Markle.


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