Prince Harry has reached a ‘new low’ even for himself


Prince Harry has just been called out for reaching a brand new low that’s shocking even for him

Experts believe Prince Harry has reached a ‘new low’ that is shocking even for himself.

All of this has been shared by royal commentator Maureen Callahan.

She weighed in on everything during a candid piece for the Daily Mail.

In that piece, she touched on the late Queen’s thoughts on Lilibet’s name, as well as insights into a new book released by Robert Hardman that alleged a rather negative reaction by the late monarch.

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The conversation began when Ms Callahan wrote, “The implications that the Queen wouldn’t allow her mixed-race granddaughter to be named after her — shades of the ‘racist royal’ catastrophe.”

“There’s no low too low for Harry and Meghan, after all. No trust they will not break, no version of events they will not try to spin in their favor. And, of course, nothing and no one they won’t try to monetize.”

Before concluding the expert also noted, “They registered their daughter’s full name, ‘Lilibet Diana’, on several domains online before she was even born. Beautiful tribute, that.”


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