Prince Harry ‘battling to cope’ with Meghan Markle ‘clash’ – new pic


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry put on contrasting displays during recent outing in L.A.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reacted very differently to Katy Perry’s performance in L.A. on Sunday.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were accompanied by their pals Cameron Diaz, Zoe Saldana and Bumble dating-app founder Whitney Wolfe and were seated to music legend Celine Dion at the residency show.

Per body language expert Judi James, throughout the show, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex was seen putting on an animated display, standing up and clapping to her favorites like California Gurls and Last Friday Night, whereas the Duke appeared to be “slumped back in the seat,” looking “sleepy”

Prince Harry ‘battling to cope’ with Meghan Markle ‘clash’ - new pic

“This is a very un-royal outing for Harry and Meghan and it’s clearly Meghan who always slides into the celebrity-style appearances better than Harry,” Judi told The Mirror.

“In an audience going wild for Katy Perry’s songs, standing up from their seats to dance with their arms in the air, it’s Meghan who excels at being a fan rather than just a royal,” she reflected.

Judi noted how Meghan seemed excited, smiling and standing up to enjoy the performance but Harry remained seated, showing hardly any response to the show.

“Harry is seen sitting apparently slumped back in his seat with a sleepy expression here, while Meghan is animated and excited.”

The expert also shed light on the couple maintaining a gap between them as they sat through the concert, with Meghan engaging more with her female pals.

She explained: “At one point the gap between them and the way Meghan is slightly turned away suggests she’s sharing the experience with her girlfriends here, and although Harry does lean forward round her to chat and try to match her levels of animation, he seems in to then sit back again, suggesting he’s not quite as immersed as his wife is here.”

Judi then added that Prince Harry might be finding it challenging to cope with his wife’s different lifestyle: “This looks like a clash of lifestyles that Harry could battling(sic) to cope with. He might be keen to please his wife but this is a very different audience experience for a man who grew up a royal Prince.”


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