Meghan Markle is risking ‘enormous’ problems for everyone else

Meghan Markle is risking ‘enormous’ problems for everyone else

Experts fear rumors of The Duchess of Sussex’s memoir is putting everyone around her at risk.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams issued these warnings about the disastrous impact the Duchess’ memoir.

He broke it all down in one of his most recent chats with the Daily Express US.

In it he explained, “The original report was Harry and Meghan had signed a four-book deal with Random Penguin House.”

“We know one has come out, we know what happened there with the fallout, and now Harry finds himself in an embarrassing position where he doesn’t have a base in the UK where he can stay if he visits.”

Mr Fitzwilliams also went on to add, “There is the possibility Harry could release another book but Spare, with those interviews, has cut them off from the Royal Family and it’s perfectly obvious why. The whole thing was proven to be a very bad idea.”

“Meghan could release her memoirs, or Harry could put together another book of the 400 pages cut from Spare.”

Before concluding he also added, “If Meghan were to release her memoirs, it wouldn’t be possible to release such a book without it being sensational, and that could cause enormous problems. It could also cause problems with her family, whom she is estranged from.”

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