Meg Ryan reacts to TikTok fashion trend inspired by her 80s, 90s style


Meg Ryan reacts to TikTok fashion trend inspired by her 80s, 90s style

Actress Meg Ryan has recently opened up to the ongoing aesthetic TikTok trend following her fall style.

Meg stated that she had seen the “Meg Ryan Fall” TikTok videos and declared them to be the cutest thing ever. Meg Ryan Fall is an autumnal TikTok trend started by fashion-loving fans. 

TikTok’s fashion trend inspired by Meg Ryan’s style

It is inspired by the now 61-year-old actress’ rom-com wardrobes (80s and 90s outfits) featured in movies such as Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, and You’ve Got Mail.

The outfits that are being featured in the trend mirroring the actress’ look include chunky knit sweaters, dad jeans, bowler hats, oversized wool blazers, baggy trousers, and loafers.

Meg Ryan’s thoughts on ‘Meg Ryan Fall’ trend

Meg appeared in an interview with People magazine for the publication’s exclusive weekly issue and talked about the fashion trend inspired by her style. 

Meg stated that she had no idea what the girls trying on hats had to do with her, but “it is so sweet”.

She also revealed her wardrobe choices, stating, “There are certain types of blazers that I like. There’s certain flat shoes, basically orthopaedic-looking shoes, and baggy pants.”

Meg Ryan’s unique perspective on beauty

Meg has a unique definition of beauty as she tells the publication that there’s beauty in almost everything in our surroundings, adding, “Kindness is so beautiful. If you just pay attention, it’s everywhere.” 


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