Matthew Perry’s ‘private funeral’ service: Everything to know


Matthew Perry’s ‘private funeral’ service: Everything to know

Insiders have just shed some light into everything the Friends cast did at Matthew Perry’s funeral as well as their role at the funeral service.

Insights into the funeral service and everything else that went on behind the scenes has been brought to light by an inside source close to The Daily Mail.

This inside source in question began the chat off by explaining the participation of the Friends cast and explained that they weren’t in the second half of the ‘family-like friend’s funeral service.

Reportedly, “The Friends cast did not attend the second half of the services which took place further up from the church at The Courts of Remembrance which is made up of several open-air courtyards.”

“It’s a special, more secluded area. More private. That part was only attended by Matthew’s family and closest friends. Less than 20 people.”

“There were about another 20 at the first part of the services. It was very intimate,” the insider also went as far as to add.

“After the services, friends left while his family and few others took a car up to the area where the coffin was taken and then carried into The Courts of Remembrance.”


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