Jeezy opens up on divorce with Jeannie Mai, being molested as a child and more


Jeezy is opening up on his painful childhood experiences that still affect him, and his divorce with Jeannie Mai

In a raw, honest discussion with actress Nia Long, rapper Jeezy got deeply personal about some of the most difficult parts of his life. 

Posted to Jeezy’s YouTube channel, the hour-long conversation saw the 46-year-old artist opening up more than ever before.

Jeezy reflected on his recent divorce from TV host Jeannie Mai, saying the split has been far from easy.

“As I sit here at 46 … I can’t honestly tell you that I’ve experienced love, especially not unconditional,” he began.

While he still holds cherished memories of their time together, Jeezy admitted he’s left feeling sad, disappointed, and uneasy by the end of their marriage. 

The Put On rapper also detailed trying couples therapy before the breakup was finalized.

However, Jeezy traced much of his pain back to traumatic experiences in his early childhood. He talked about being molested as a young boy by a babysitter entrusted with his care.

Witnessing extreme violence like his mother being shot multiple times in front of him by age 8 had permanently shaped how he viewed the world. Even his own mother pulled a gun on Jeezy when he was a teenager.

Jeezy then credited his devoutly religious grandmother with instilling the importance of faith, something that gave him comfort and answers in adulthood. 


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