Irina Shayk’s intriguing twist in Tom Brady relationship saga


Irina Shayk’s intriguing twist in Tom Brady relationship saga

Irina Shayk’s love life is seemingly having a roller coaster of a ride as she was spotted heading to former NFL mega-star Tom Brady’s residence after lamenting the coverage of her dating life.

Irina visits Tom Brady’s NYC condo

The model made a strange decision to walk through the front door in front of the paparazzo into Brady’s luxurious New York City complex condo. She was spotted wearing an all-black ensemble.

According to TMZ, her walking through the front door was a strange decision as earlier, she appeared in an interview with Elle magazine and lamented the attention drawn towards her love life. 

The model appeared not very willing to talk about her relationship, as during the interview, she replied with “No comments” to almost all the questions regarding her love life.

Purpose of Irina Shayk’s visit

The purpose of her visit remains unclear as sources close to the pair confirm that they had not patched up after ending their short-term romance last month (October 2023).

Irina Shayk, Tom Brady breakup 

Irina and Brady started dating in the summer and ended their short fling in October, with reports suggesting that things just fizzled out between them.

Irina Shayk’s previous relationship

Irina previously dated Bradley Cooper from 2015 to 2019, and they share a daughter named Lea De Seine.


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