‘Heartbroken’ King Charles in ‘great pain’ ahead of 75th birthday


‘Heartbroken’ King Charles in ‘great pain’ ahead of 75th birthday

King Charles is finding it hard to deal with “great pain” of not seeing his son, Prince Harry, or his grands, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, on his 75th birthday bash.

His Majesty has “undeniable anger” towards his younger son for the “anguish” he caused late Queen Elizabeth II and the public attacks against his wife, Queen Camilla.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Rebecca English, their royal editor, claimed that Charles would “never” close doors on Harry even though he has rejected to apologise for his scathing attacks.

“I am told there is currently ‘barely any level of communication’ between Charles and Harry,” she penned for the publication after it was revealed that Charles never invited Harry and Meghan to his birthday.

“There is undeniable anger at the anguish the King believes Harry caused the late Queen in the last years of her life, not to mention the insults he has heaped upon his own wife Camilla, of whom Charles is understandably protective,” she added.

She went on to claim that Charles is a “man who notoriously hates confrontation” and “will never close the door” on his younger son, Prince Harry.

“But sticking to his guns, he has rejected Harry’s demands for an ‘apology’ and put the whole issue to one side for the time being as he concentrates on the business of state,” she added.

Before concluding, the expert revealed that the upcoming birthday dinner would be an intimate family get-together. 

The expert emphasized that not being invited would be inconsequential for Harry and Meghan, as the event is of minor significance.


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