GTA 6 leaks: Launch date, new weapons and everything you should know


Rockstar Games, after an almost ten-year-long anticipation, recently disclosed information about Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6), the much-awaited follow-up to GTA 5. The trailer for the game is set to be unveiled next month, aligning with Rockstar’s 25th-anniversary celebration.

According to a report by HT Tech, even though details about the game’s characters, open world, and various systems remain shrouded in secrecy, a substantial leak from last year has provided a glimpse of what GTA 6 could entail. 

The leak suggests an action-packed adventure awaits players, complete with a diverse array of weapons and tools. As we eagerly await the release of the GTA 6 trailer next month, explore the potential weaponry and tools that could be featured in the game.

As per leaked information, GTA 6 is anticipated to include an auto-dialer, pool cue, and a range of golf clubs, including driver, putter, wedge, and iron. Players might also find a crowbar and a cut-off tool handy for unlocking chained doors, fences, and containers. 

Additionally, leaks indicate the availability of a Slim Jim, specifically designed for opening older cars, while newer vehicles with modern systems may remain inaccessible, reported HT Tech.

In GTA 6, accessing modern and luxury vehicles could require players to employ the Immobilizer Bypass. This feature enables them to hack the immobilizer by matching codes using the PDA. When engaged in criminal activities, players have the option to avoid detection by law enforcement using a Tracker Jammer device. This tool disrupts GPS signals, preventing devices from transmitting or receiving signals, adds the report.

Moreover, the report from HT Tech suggested that in GTA 6, when facing low health, players could potentially employ health recovery items like food and drinks, painkillers, and trauma kits. Cigarettes might offer an adrenaline or stamina boost in the game. Additional items featured in GTA 6 could encompass a torch, USB Drive, and binoculars. Leaks also suggest that characters in the game might carry duffle bags or backpacks to store cash, gold, and consumables.

According to leaks, GTA 6 is expected to showcase a lineup of weapons reminiscent of those in GTA 5. Among them are the Micro SMG, Rocket Launcher, Assault Rifle, Knife, Compact SMG, and Pump Action Shotgun. Additionally, players might encounter other featured weapons such as the Carbine Rifle, Baseball Bat, Heavy Machine Gun, Hunter Sniper, Smoke Grenade, Flashbang, Molotov, and Polymer Pistol.

It is important to note that all the information provided is derived from leaks and rumors, and should be approached with a pinch of salt until there is official confirmation from Rockstar Games.


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Updated: 13 Nov 2023, 04:22 PM IST


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