Fox News AI Newsletter: WH unveils executive order, requires companies share national security risks with feds


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AI EXECUTIVE ORDER: Biden to require companies to share national security risks with feds. Continue reading…

AI ORDER REACTION: Big tech firms weigh in on Biden’s AI executive order. Continue reading…

A augmented reality-generated fighter jet.

The military metaverse enables pilots to have more frequent training against relevant targets, Robinson said. (Red 6)

AI TECH RACE: Developing artificial intelligence defense systems is paramount in helping the US military stay ahead of other countries like China. Continue reading… 

AI SECURITY: AI helping improve security screening at public venues. Continue reading…

Cher with blonde hair smiling on the red carpet

Cher at “Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love” held at Avalon Hollywood on March 2, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images) (Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images)

NEW BREED: Military AI robo-dogs could be the Marines’ secret weapon. Continue reading…

CHINA CHIP CURBS: Nvidia says US accelerated export curbs for AI chips. Continue reading…

AI POISON: A new tool inserts data into an image’s pixels which damage AI image generators looking for pictures to train on.  Continue reading…

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