Fake plot to kill King Charles revealed in new book


Fake plot to kill King Charles revealed in new book

A British singer has claimed that an attempt was made to make him part of a fake plot to kill King Charles.

According to BBC, Dafydd Iwan, one of Wales best known folk singers, made the claim in his new autobiography.

He said it was the work of an “agent provocateur” who looked like “a character from a B movie” before the 1969 investiture of Prince Charles.

The singer recalled the details of an encounter at a concert in Llanrwst , Wales, with an unknown man who had never met before.

He said when he arrived at a concert the place was “crawling with police”.

“Two of them approached me to say they’d received intelligence that someone was out to kill me, so they were there in numbers to give me protection.

“I was ushered into the marquee where the concert was to take place, and shown into a small room in a corner of the tent, they told me they would be outside if I needed them.

“As I sat there, trying to come to terms with what I’d just heard, and getting the guitar ready for the stage, a man came in, looking like a character from a B movie, and said in a hushed voice that we’d met previously at a Plaid do in Holyhead.

“I’d never seen him before and never saw him again.

“He said that he had very little time, so he wanted to come straight to the point. ‘We have a plan to assassinate the prince, and you are the very man to help us’.

“I did not let him finish his sentence but told him to get out as quickly as his feet could take him and added that I didn’t ever want to see him again.”


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