Diddy shares adorable daddy-daughter cookie mishap


Diddy shares adorable daddy-daughter cookie mishap 

Diddy, 53, recently shared a relatable moment with his 1-year-old daughter, Love, on Instagram. Love, his daughter with model Dana Tran, was captured in a candid video at a playground, munching on a cookie and taking her first steps.

Diddy’s proud voice cooed as he filmed Love, exclaiming, “Look at you walking. You look like a little person.” His playful encouragement continued as Love toppled over, with Diddy cheering her on to get back up. 

In the process, a piece of cookie ended up on the ground, leading to laughter and playful scolding from the doting dad. As Love attempted to pick up the fallen cookie and take a bite, Diddy’s reaction was swift.

Though he tried to stop her from eating it, it was too late. He humorously commented, “Well, you’re a tough baby. Eat the dirty food. Daddy used to eat dirt. How do you like dirt?”

The video struck a chord with parents worldwide, who flooded the comments section with supportive and relatable stories of their own parenting moments. Some humorously invoked the “five-second rule” while others reassured Diddy that Love would be just fine.

Earlier this month, Diddy and Dana Tran celebrated Love’s first birthday with a pink-themed party, complete with balloon arches, floral arrangements, and a display showcasing Love’s first year of life in photos.


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