Blink-182 shakes up Denny’s diners with spontaneous concert


Blink-182 shakes up Denny’s diners with spontaneous concert

Blink-182 has recently sent their fans into a frenzy as the rock band members Travis Barker, Mark Hoppus, and Tom DeLonge made an appearance at Denny’s in Long Beach, California, for promotion of their latest album, “One More Time” and their upcoming tour.

Blink-182 recreates iconic meme

The Denny’s diners were surprised as the band recreated the iconic “What the f*** is up, Denny’s” meme.

The phrase “What the f— is up, Denny’s” became widely known through social media. It’s often used as a humorous and casual way to start a conversation or express enthusiasm. 

The original video where this phrase gained popularity features a person enthusiastically greeting the Denny’s restaurant.

Blink-182 plays an impromptu concert at Denny’s

They also treated the few lucky fans dining at the place with a mini-concert planned and played right on the spot.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Blink-182 showcased an impromptu performance of a song, Anthem Part 3, from their new album, One More Time.

Blink-182 releases two new tracks

Adding to the fans’ enthusiasm, the band released two new tracks from the extended version of their new album. 

The songs titled Cut Me Off and See You were released on Thursday. 


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