Billie Eilish unveils struggles of young fame: ‘It’s really unfair’


Billie Eilish unveils struggles of young fame: ‘It’s really unfair’

Billie Eilish recently shared insights into her career journey and the difficulties she faced after getting mega success at such a young age. The songstress won seven Grammy Awards and an Oscar before she was old enough to have a glass of champagne.

Billie’s public battle

Billie said, “Being a woman in just such a war, forever. Especially being a young woman in the public eye. It’s really unfair.”

According to Variety magazine, the 21-year-old music icon earned fame at the age of 13 when her song Ocean Eyes gained popularity on SoundCloud.

Billie’s youthful fame struggles

The hitmaker lamented the scrutiny she faced being a young female star. The questions, such as who was she dating? What was her sexuality? What dresses did she like?, and even going to the extent of asking if she was a devil worshipper bothered her.

The Bad Guy hitmaker expressed that she never felt desirable or desired. She said, “I have never felt like a woman. I’ve never felt feminine. I have to convince myself that I’m, like, a pretty girl.”

Billie’s life is on track now

Over the years, the songstress has learned to live with fame, and she looks back at her success with pride.

Billie says that her life is feeling good, adding, “I feel like I’m becoming a person I really love and doing things I feel really proud of. In many ways in my life, I feel like I’m just now waking up.”


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