Asim Azhar fumes at university students after Hania Aamir chants


In an unpleasant event, famous pop artist Asim Azhar lost his patience when students started chanting “Hania [actor Haniya Aamir]” repeatedly while he was sitting on the stage during a recent event at a private university.

In a video that went viral on social media, the eminent singer — while addressing the group of students who were chanting slogans — can be heard saying: “What happened, son? Have I come to IBA or a madhouse?”

Meanwhile, host Yasir Hussain intervened and tried to cool down the situation. He urged the participants to avoid chanting slogans.

“There are all educated people here, please don’t do this, keep calm, do you want to go to the concert after that, or [want to get] the concert cancelled?”

In 2019, reports emerged that Azhar and Haniya were dating but in 2020 they clarified that they were just “friends”.

However, Azhar and model Merub Ali announced their engagement in 2022.


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