Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Is ‘Doing Good’ After Minor Stroke


When Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, suffered a dizzy spell on Wednesday, he took a precautionary trip to the hospital and learned that he had suffered a minor stroke. A day later, he said in an interview, the hospital released him and he was “doing good.”

The health scare came during a trip to Mexico City, where Mr. Wozniak, 73, was slated to speak at a conference called the World Business Forum. The dizzy spell hit him as he was typing at his computer, he said. The hospital did an M.R.I., he added, and determined that he had a small capillary leak as well as symptoms of vertigo.

Mr. Wozniak flew home to Los Gatos, Calif., on Thursday and was waiting for dinner to be served when he talked with The New York Times. “I’m back home and feeling good,” he said.

The worst part of the experience, he said, was that the hospital required him to stay on a gurney for 24 hours and wouldn’t let him roll onto his side. The health scare, he added, means that he will have to cancel a number of trips for speaking engagements in Dubai; Medellín, Colombia; and Baku, Azerbaijan.

“That’s life for me in the busy times,” Mr. Wozniak said of the travel.

Known as “Woz,” Mr. Wozniak teamed with Steve Jobs to build the first Apple computer in 1976. The business they built helped popularize the personal computer and became one of the world’s most influential technology companies.

Mr. Wozniak left Apple in the 1980s but has remained close to the company and regularly attends its high-profile events. His legend at Apple helped him build a huge fan base among tech enthusiasts, and his celebrity broadened beyond tech in 2009 after he became a contestant on the popular show “Dancing With the Stars.”


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