Amazon Sale 2023: Tired of wrinkled clothes? Up to 64% off on garment steamers

The world of garment care has seen a significant shift in recent years, with garment steamers taking centre stage. These handy appliances have redefined how we approach wrinkle removal, making it quicker, more efficient, and hassle-free. Steamers offer a gentle and effective way to smooth out wrinkles without the need for an ironing board, making them a favourite among busy professionals and home users alike.

One of the most significant advantages of garment steamers is their efficiency. With rapid heat-up times and powerful steam output, they can effortlessly eliminate wrinkles from a wide range of fabrics, including delicate silks and structured suits. Moreover, they are incredibly easy to use, making the chore of ironing a thing of the past. Just hang your garment, glide the steamer over the wrinkles, and watch them vanish, leaving your clothes looking fresh and perfectly pressed.

Amazon understands the importance of well-pressed garments in making a lasting impression. That’s why Amazon Sale 2023 brings you the perfect opportunity to upgrade your garment care routine. With discounts of up to 64% on a range of clothes steamers, you can bid farewell to creased shirts and crumpled dresses forever.

The Amazon Sale 2023 is your ticket to effortless, efficient, and economical garment care. Say goodbye to traditional irons, ironing boards, and the tedious process of pressing your clothes. Embrace the future of wrinkle-free living with this fantastic Amazon sale. Stay tuned to discover the top clothes steamer deals, learn about the features that suit your needs, and unlock the secrets to impeccably pressed clothing without the fuss.

1. PHILIPS Handheld Garment Steamer

The PHILIPS Handheld Garment Steamer STH3000/20 is a compact and efficient solution for maintaining wrinkle-free clothes. With a quick 1000 Watt heat-up time, it’s ready in no time, and the 20g/min steam output ensures that your clothes look fresh. Not only does it remove wrinkles, but it also kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, ensuring a hygienic touch to your garments. It’s also foldable for convenient storage and supports both vertical and horizontal steaming. However, be cautious not to overfill the water tank, and make sure to keep it horizontal when not in use to prevent leakage.

Specifications of PHILIPS Handheld Garment Steamer STH3000/20:

Power: 1000 Watts

Steam Output: up to 20g/min

Special Feature: Kills 99.9% Bacteria

Compact & Foldable Design

Quick Heat-Up Time

Fast heat-upCareful water filling needed
Compact and foldableKeep it horizontal when not in use
Kills bacteria 
Suitable for vertical and horizontal steaming 

2. BEAUTURAL Clothes Steamer

The BEAUTURAL Clothes Steamer is a versatile garment care tool. With a quick 1000 Watt heat-up time in just 30 seconds, it’s fast and efficient. Its foldable design is perfect for travellers, saving space in your luggage. This steamer offers both vertical and horizontal steaming, making it easy to use on various garments. The stainless steel heating plate ensures safe use on all fabric types. However, it’s essential to avoid water leakage by pressing the steam button cautiously.

Specifications of BEAUTURAL Clothes Steamer:

Power: 1000 Watts

Fast Heating (30 seconds)

Vertical and Horizontal Steaming

Stainless Steel Heating Plate

Foldable Design

Rapid heatingBe cautious to avoid water leakage
Space-saving foldable design 
Suitable for vertical and horizontal steaming 
Safe for all fabric types 

3. AGARO Elegant Handheld Garment Steamer

The AGARO Elegant Handheld Garment Steamer is your ideal solution for quickly and efficiently eliminating wrinkles from clothes, fabrics, and upholstery. This versatile steamer can be used both horizontally and vertically, making it perfect for garments, designer wear, and more. It features a large 170 ml water tank, providing 15 minutes of continuous steam, and includes safety features like dry boiling protection and auto cut-off to prevent overheating. This steamer is designed to leave your clothes fresh, crisp, and wrinkle-free.

Specifications of AGARO Elegant Handheld Garment Steamer:

Power: 1200 Watts

Water Tank Capacity: 170 ml

Horizontal & Vertical Use

Dry Boiling Protection

Auto Cut Off

Suitable for horizontal and vertical useNone
Large water tank for extended steaming 
Overheat protection 
Ideal for a wide range of fabrics 

4. VINSH ENTERPRISE 2 in 1 Handheld Garment Steamer

The VINSH ENTERPRISE 2 in 1 Handheld Garment Steamer is a multifunctional steamer that excels at removing wrinkles from clothing, gently and effectively. It offers powerful and consistent steam to make your fabrics wrinkle-proof and looking polished. Safety is a priority with a shut-off feature for low water levels or when the unit becomes too hot. The water level is easily visible, and it heats up quickly. With an additional function for facial steaming, this steamer serves multiple purposes.

Specifications of VINSH ENTERPRISE 2 in 1 Handheld Garment Steamer:

Multifunctional (Garment Steamer & Facial Steamer)

Powerful and Consistent Steam

Auto Shut-Off Protection

Water Level Window

Quick Heat-Up

Versatile with 2-in-1 functionalityNone
Powerful and safe steam 
Quick heating 
Visible water level 

5. Philips Handheld Garment Steamer

The Philips Handheld Garment Steamer GC360/30 is a versatile and powerful steamer that offers both vertical and horizontal steaming options. With 1200 watts of power and up to 22g/min continuous steam, this steamer effectively removes wrinkles from your garments. It’s safe for all fabrics thanks to SmartFlow and OptimalTemp technology. No ironing board is needed, making steaming hassle-free. This steamer is light, compact, and comes with a detachable water tank for easy refilling. It even includes a brush accessory for steaming thicker fabrics.

Specifications of Philips Handheld Garment Steamer GC360/30:

Power: 1200 Watts

Vertical & Horizontal Steaming

SmartFlow and OptimalTemp Technology

Detachable Water Tank

Brush Accessory

Suitable for both vertical and horizontal steamingNone
Safe on all fabrics 
No need for an ironing board 
Lightweight and compact 

6. Hamilton Beach Professional Garment Steamer

The Hamilton Beach Professional Garment Steamer offers fast and efficient wrinkle removal with its 1740 watts of power. It features a Ceramic Coated Steam Plate for even heat distribution, ensuring no burns on any fabric type. With Turbo Mode, you can tackle tough wrinkles with ease. The large 300ml water tank allows you to steam multiple garments without refilling. This steamer is comfortable to use with an ergonomic handle and an extra-long 2-metre cord. It’s safe for all fabrics and comes with a detachable brush for thicker fabrics.

Specifications of Hamilton Beach Professional Garment Steamer:

Power: 1740 Watts

Ceramic Coated Steam Plate

Turbo Mode

Large 300ml Water Tank

Detachable Fabric Brush

2-metre Cord

Powerful steam with Turbo ModeNone 
Safe on all fabric types 
Large water tank for extended steaming 
Ergonomic handle and extra-long cord 

7. Inalsa – Standing Garment Steamer

The Inalsa Standing Garment Steamer Steam Master is a powerful solution for quickly removing wrinkles from various garments. With 1700 watts of power and a rapid heating time of less than a minute, it delivers wrinkle-removing steam bursts efficiently. This steamer offers variable continuous steam control and comes with a detachable fabric brush for a smoother finish on thicker fabrics. It has a large 1.5L detachable water tank for extended steaming. The design includes a 360-degree folding swivel hanger and a hand glove for added protection.

Specifications of Inalsa Standing Garment Steamer Steam Master:

Power: 1700 Watts

Variable Continuous Steam Control

1.5L Detachable Water Tank

Fabric Brush

Hand Glove

360-Degree Folding Swivel Hanger

Powerful steam outputNone
Variable steam control 
Large water tank for extended use 
Comes with fabric brush and hand glove 

8. Goodscity Garment Steamer

The Goodscity Garment Steamer is a lightweight and portable solution for wrinkle removal. With dimensions of 223 x 158 x 120 mm, it’s easy to use vertically or horizontally without the weight of the water tank holding you back. It features a detachable water tank with a 230 ml capacity, allowing for at least 10 minutes of continuous steaming. One-button operation makes it convenient, and the blue light indicates when it’s ready to use. The package includes a measuring cup for easy refilling.

Specifications of Goodscity Garment Steamer GC 111:

Power: 1200 Watts

230 ml Water Tank

Vertical & Horizontal Steaming

Lightweight and portableNone
Fast heating with a 30-second startup 
Detachable water tank for easy refilling 
One-button operation 

Best value for money

The Inalsa – Standing Garment Steamer Steam Master stands out as the best value for money. With its 1700 watts of power, large 1.5L detachable water tank, variable steam control, and included fabric brush and hand glove, it offers excellent performance and versatility at a reasonable price. The Inalsa Garment Steamer provides an efficient solution for removing wrinkles from a variety of fabrics, making it a valuable addition to your laundry routine.

Best deal

As for the best deal, the Goodscity Garment Steamer GC 111 offers an outstanding combination of features and affordability. Its compact size, fast heating, detachable water tank, and easy one-button operation make it a convenient and budget-friendly choice. The Goodscity Garment Steamer is perfect for those who need a quick and efficient solution for wrinkle removal on the go.

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Updated: 02 Nov 2023, 06:47 PM IST

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